Non Hip-Hop Pick: Electric Wire Hustle - "Electric Wire Hustle" (2xLP)

Electric Wire Hustle - "Electric Wire Hustle"

Alright, so this isn't rap (and therefore not a Def Pick), but I wouldn't recommend non Hip-Hop unless rap-listeners liked the taste. EWH is a genre-bending soul group from New Zealand, and the sound of the album is really sharp and unique, but not too different to disappoint anyone looking for simply soul. "Burn" and "Chaser" are the two most memorable songs, but the whole album is solid.

Album art: I really like the simplistic design. While the music definitely isn't minimalist, I still feel the art reflects the sound. Also, the packaging includes a gatefold, though the inside doesn't add too much, just credits and a picture.

The vinyl release is limited edition for Record Store Day (April 21 in case you didn't know), so if you're interested in getting one I'd go sooner rather than later in case they run out.

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